A Brave Woman Teases Wild Cheetahs

Using a rather unsafe-looking teasing technique, Namibian conservationist Marlice van Vuuren convinces a coalition of cheetahs to accept her as one of their own.

Though it appears cruel to wildlife at first, the practice works and the great cats eventually accept her.

Peacock Spider

My footage of the courtship and mating behaviour of the Australian peacock spider Maratus volans.

Meet Michael: A Very Special Gorilla

This is a brief introduction to the late silverback gorilla, Michael, who grew up with Koko, learned sign language with Koko, painted with Koko, loved Koko as a sister, and passed away in 2000 at the young age of 27. MIchael's life continues to be an inspiration to us all, and we've even named a sanctuary after him: The Michael Sanctuary in Cameroon Africa (Mefou National Park) for bushmeat-orphaned gorillas. Note that Michael himself was a bushmeat orphan, which may explain his intense emotional and intellectual personality. Koko was a bit intimidated by him, which is why may be why she subsequently selected the somewhat more mellow Ndume to be her mate. However, Koko will always miss Michael, as will we.

Lesson: Koko has become a very special gorilla, an ambassador for her species. However, her late companion Michael was quite a guy too.

Date Added: Jun 24, 2008
Videographer: Dr. Ron Cohn

Sudan Kob Singles Bar

Great Migrations: Need to Breed.

After a long journey, kobs begin their mating rituals - using their urine as love letters.

Birds Trapped in 9/11 Memorial Lights

More than 10,000 confused birds were trapped by the beams of memorial lights switched on to mark the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York. Two beams emanating from Manhattan, known as the Tribute of Light, had to be turned off five times to allow the migrating birds to continue on their journey last week. The birds were on their way from Canada to the warmer climate of the Caribbean and South America.

They do not always fly over New York and the last time their migratory path coincided with September 11 was in 2004. The Tribute of Light is turned on by the Municipal Art Society every year on the anniversary of the attacks. Monitors from New York City Audubon, a conservation organisation, observed this year's tribute and alerted organisers to the confused birds.

The lights were shut off for about 20 minutes each time to allow the birds to clear the area. An estimated 90,000 birds die each year after becoming disorientated by lights and crashing into skyscrapers in New York as they migrate south for the winter. Owners of tower blocks are increasingly switching off or dimming their lights to reduce the risks to birds.

Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love

Heartwarming and redemptive, OOGY is the story of the people who were determined to rescue this dog against all odds, and of the family who took him home, named him "Oogy" (an affectionate derivative of ugly), and made him one of their own.

Drumming Gorilla

Drumming gorillas, Phil Collins and glass and a half full of milk.

Dutch House Cat Adopts Rejected Red Panda

A Dutch tabby cat nurses an orphaned red panda cub in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Wednesday July 9, 2008. The panda's mother, Gladys, rejected her two cubs after they were born on June 30. The zoo-keepers initially put the cubs in an incubator, but one keeper's tabby cat had just given birth to four kittens, and the housecat was willing to nurse the newcomers. One of the panda cubs was too weak and died last Thursday. (all rights: Artis Zoo - www.artis.nl)

Ferrets:  The Pursuit of Excellence PBS

PBS documentary, RT 58:37, offers an endearing and amusing glimpse at America's most playful, mischievous pets -- not to mention their distinctive owners. At the annual Ferret Buckeye Bash in Columbus, Ohio, the largest and most popular ferret show in the country, hundreds of top breeders, seasoned experts and ferret enthusiasts pamper and parade their pets in a quest for prizes and prestige. FERRETS offers a quirky contrast to the common animal show -- these curious creatures lack the regal air of show cats or the respectable nature of pedigreed dogs -- yet these ferrets are trained, pampered and primed by their doting owners in the hope of taking the top prize in the biggest ferret show in the country.

Dolphin Play: Bubble Rings

When you spend your life in the water, you tend to develop a good intuition for its subtleties.

Dolphins have been observed to create bubble rings by exhaling air carefully in the middle of the vortices caused by the motion of their fins through the water, among other techniques.

Besides being nice to look at (and a neat demonstration of fluid mechanics), this phenomenon also might throw some light on dolphin cognition, since the skill to create the rings is a bit subtle and tends to be taught from one dolphin to the next via careful observation and practice.

According got reports, they seem to be using sonar to locate the vortex in the water, since that would be a fairly amazing bit of audio analysis. This video is dedicated to the best employee at Sea World.

Rusty the Narcoleptic Dog

Rusty is a dachshund with narcolepsy.

The condition causes him to fall asleep while he's trying to do other things.