Dog's Dream Comes True

This black lab loves tennis balls. His dream came true when a local tennis instructor donated 300 used balls.


Adorable pangolin has an awesome time in the mud

Must. Get. Mud. Everywhere. This adorable video of a pangolin (a type of African anteater) rolling about in the mud in Namibia (with footage courtesy of the Rare and Endangered Species Trust), is the perfect way to get into the spirit of World Pangolin Day tomorrow. Don't forget to share - show those pangolins some love!

White Lion Cubs Playing Like Puppies

White lion cubs playing like puppies in South Africa. Sasha and Shimba are 8 months old. They love to run and play together.

This took place at the "Living With Big Cats" volunteer program

Toronto Zoo Giant Panda Enjoys Epic Snow Fall

While the Toronto Zoo closed early on February 5th, 2014, due to the record-breaking snow fall, our giant panda Da Mao sure seemed to enjoy himself. Watch what security cameras caught him doing within his outdoor habitat. Come visit the Giant Panda Exhibit at the Toronto Zoo

Amazing Dog Tricks performed by Jesse!

Jack Russell Terriers can do it all! Walking hand stands, somersaults, driving a motorized car, rolling atop a ball, riding a scooter, jump roping, skateboarding, and much, much, more! Jesse shows off many of his most amazing tricks; complete with his adorable smile.